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Recovery Advancement System
Admission Criteria

Recovery Inn is an inclusive community, welcoming women from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Our primary requirement is that our residents have a strong desire for long-term recovery.

Who is eligible?

  • Female
  • 18 years or older
  • Has a substance use disorder
  • Has a minimum seven days of sobriety
  • Has not been convicted of a violent or sex crime
  • Is medically and psychologically stable
  • Willing to abstain from alcohol and drug use
  • Willing to commit to a minimum of six months; 6-9 months is encouraged
  • Willing to adhere to the Behavioral Standards of Recovery Inn
  • Willing to agree to frequent, random drug and alcohol screening
  • Willing to adhere to the aftercare plan from their referral source


    In-Take Process and Moving In

    Upon acceptance into our program residents will attend an orientation either at the corporate office or at their new residence, please check with office staff for location. During the orientation residents will complete and sign necessary paperwork and get settled into their new home.

    Moving In

    Family members and/or loved ones are welcome to join the new resident at her move-in appointment.

    Items to Bring

    • Toiletries
    • Everyday clothing (limited to two bags) (Example of what to leave at home: Articles of clothing that have explicit content, mid-drifts, short shorts, short skirts, etc.)
    • Appropriate Attire for Professional Interviews
    • Initial Groceries
    • Insurance Cards
    • Aftercare Plans from Referents, if applicable
    • 12 Step material, Spiritual material and journal
    • Alarm Clock
    • Pictures to put on your dresser


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      For admissions you may fill out this short form or call 214-341-6000.

      When we receive your submission we will respond to you shortly.

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Recovery Inn is certified through TROHN and meets national standards.
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