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About Recovery Inn near Dallas, Texas - Sober Living

Our Mission

Our mission at Recovery Inn is to provide housing, 12 step immersion, life skills development, peer recovery coaching, and spiritual support to women in recovery from substance use disorders.

Our mission and primary purpose of helping women become successful leaders in our society has not changed.

We are founded on very deep principals and understand the need for a spiritual connection alongside a 12 step program. Today our program encompasses that and more.

Our suggested program length is six to nine months. We allow women to stay even past that and many have stayed up to two years before setting out on their journey in the world. Upon completion of the program our women will leave Recovery Inn with a firm foundation to stand on. They will be working full time jobs, clean from any substance and most will be reunited with their families.

We know there are many pathways to recovery and we are proud to be one of those pathways!

Vision Statement

Our primary purpose is to empower positive change within, while leading recovering women in their personal journey to becoming successful members of society and reuniting them with their families and loved ones.

Recovery Inn is certified through TROHN and meets national standards.
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