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"The program in and of itself is unique to Recovery Inn, you won't find a cookie cutter version of this sober house anywhere else. To top it all off, the women that reside in the Recovery Inn homes are truly amazing. These women did for me what I couldn't do for myself. They lifted me up and believed in me when I felt hopeless; we have shared tears together, laughter, moments of celebration and joy."

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Spiritual Support
Welcome to Recovery Inn

We offer a comprehensive and unique sober living program that is distinctive in North Dallas and Plano. Along with providing beautiful housing, our programs equip women in recovery from substance use disorders with the necessary tools geared towards living a productive, joyful and sober life.

Recovery is our primary purpose with focus

on body, mind and spirit.

Recovery Inn, a Nationally Certified Recovery Residence, provide NARR Level III recovery residences. Our homes are immaculate, comfortable and tastefully furnished, and are located in safe residential neighborhoods. Our programs and our state-certified staff set us apart; each resident receives individualized attention from onset and throughout their stay in a family-style living environment. 98% of our women get a job within a week of entering Recovery Inn.

Recovery Inn

is designed to help women over the age of 18 who have a minimum of 7 days sobriety. Requirements for residency include maintaining a sponsor, working a 12-Step program, employment, developing a spiritual program, performing household chores and being an active house member.

Residents hail from across the country, some transitioning from residential treatment centers or detox facilities, with others coming directly from home. Our goal is to help women re-integrate into society as they learn to navigate the challenges of living a sober life in a society where alcohol and drugs are pervasive. Statistics show that sober living after treatment increases the odds of staying sober by as much as 80%. We teach our residents a myriad of necessary life skills in an environment that promotes recovery.

We understand how challenging life can be for the families and loved ones of addicts or alcoholics. We've trudged this road with over 650 women and their families and aren't stopping here. The disease process affects everyone involved and it's not an easy journey. You are not alone. There is hope and we want to help.

There are many pathways that lead to recovery and Recovery Inn is proud to be one of those pathways.

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Recovery Advancement System
Life Skills Development
Employment Program
  • "I came to Recovery Inn after being in a six month treatment program for alcoholism and heroin addiction. I chose Recovery Inn because I needed a safe place to learn.."

    ~ Katie

  • "I now have a strong fellowship of sober friends and roommates, a loving family and a relationship with God unknown to me before coming to Recovery Inn."

    ~ Jan

  • "The cleanlines and structure is what makes Recovery Inn unique and different than other sober living houses. By maintaining the property, the atmosphere is more calm.."

    ~ Lynne

  • "It is a place where I am surrounded by others with the same goal."

    ~ Beth

  • "My 18-year-old-son told me that he is proud of the responsibility I took in going through a recovery home and that's what kept me going."

    ~ Jennifer

October 19, 2014 – A Collective Recovery Event for the Texas Recovery Community!

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At Intensive Integration we use a proven 12 step clinical model as an integrative method of treatment. Our approach is geared toward treating the underlying causes of addiction and facilitating lasting recovery from substance use disorders.

If you are looking for placement for a male over the age of 18 that needs accountability, structure, life skills, recovery coaching and a successful recovery life, Bentley Place is what you are looking for. Call today for availability at 972-800-4053.

Recovery Inn is certified through TROHN and meets national standards.
Recovery Coaching
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