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"I found Recovery Inn when looking for sober homes during the tail-end of my stay in treatment for drugs/alcohol addiction. I was hoping to find a place that could provide me with a safe environment to continue this new way of life I had found during my 4 month stay in treatment. I had no idea what a blessing this home was going to be on my life."

"Transmitting this new way of life from the "bubble" of living in a treatment center to the "real world" was a tough journey. Recovery Inn provided me with structure, responsibilities, accountability, and loving support each step of the way. This home gave me the opportunity to focus on recovery as my number one priority while also taking steps to become a useful and contributing member to society."

"The program in and of itself is unique to Recovery Inn, you won't find a cookie cutter version of this sober house anywhere else. To top it all off, the women that reside in the Recovery Inn homes are truly amazing. These women did for me what I couldn't do for myself. They lifted me up and believed in me when I felt hopeless; we have shared tears together, laughter, moments of celebration and joy."

"Living in this home has given me some of the greatest gifts: learning to live a balanced life, motivation to work through the 12 steps of recovery with a sponsor and get connected with a home group fellowship, the ability to trust in God and his plan, and the opportunity to learn how to truly love others and be a good friend. Recovery Inn will always have a place in my heart, I will be forever grateful to this beautiful home."

A 17 month resident of Recovery Inn

Thank you letter from a family...

We want to express our sincere appreciation to you and your staff for literally saving our daughter's life. Alcohol had taken over her entire life, and nothing mattered as much as getting another drink until she moved into Recovery Inn.

We understand that this is just a first step in a lifetime of recovery, but you have certainly provided a wonderful beginning for her. Her time spent as house manager seemed to further enhance her dedication to recovery. It gave her additional confidence that she could actually accomplish her goal of staying sober. The regimented structure that you've established with absolute rules serves to further instill structure in the lives of these ladies who want to recover.

You have done a great service by providing such a positive and productive facility for ladies who want to recover, but just couldn't find the right environment. There needs to be more facilities like yours throughout the nation. Keep the service going.

July 2012

Testimonials of Success

Employment Program

"My name is Jennifer and I am a recovering alcoholic and pill addict. I am 34 years old and have been married to an amazing, supportive man for 2.5 years and have a wonderful son who just turned 2. I own a home bakery called Goodies by Jenn and I am grateful that Michelle gave me the opportunity to provide your desserts for today. I also work with children teaching music about 10 hours each week.

On the outside my picture has always looked pretty. I graduated from a 5 year program in college in only 3.5 years with a B+ average. I have a Graduate Certificate from SMU. I looked like I had everything together, but internally; I was a big old mess. My story begins about 15 years ago when I really started drinking hard and experimenting with pills and drugs. I could place blame on my surroundings and my boyfriends but it seemed no matter where I went geographically, the story always ended the same. I have broken my nose, fallen into a glass table and had staples in my head, more bruises than I can count, and many countless other physical injuries along with all of the poor cars I have wrecked along the way.

I have been fired from almost every job I've had in my adult life. Maybe it didn't happen in the first month, (which it usually did) but it inevitably occurred, because I couldn't stay sober for an entire day. My mind and body every 3 hours told me I needed something to alter my state, just to feel normal. By 2007, I had 2 DWIs. What I thought was my bottom, occurs within a period of 3 days in August 2010. I got fired from my job I had for over a year due to drinking, I burned my foot to a third degree, and my fiancé called off our wedding 3 weeks before the 200 person event. I checked myself into a 30 day inpatient rehab. I graduated with honors you could say and got out. Within 4 weeks I was back to where I was 2 months before and this is where I found Recovery Inn.

My fiancé said I couldn't live at home anymore and I knew I needed a very structured living environment or I wasn't going to make it. The structure Recovery Inn had was exactly what I needed. I found a sponsor; I went to all the required meetings and more and worked my rear end off. Recovery was number 1 and nothing was going to change that. After some time, Michelle asked if I would be the manager for the Cassidy House. I accepted and took on the responsibilities it entailed. Little did I know what a huge learning experience this would be for me? I not only was able to see those still very much in the depths of their disease, so much so that I had to ask them to leave the house, but I also got to see people succeed and move forward in their lives. The bible studies I was able to attend, the nights cooking with the other residents, and the basic learning how to live again techniques made me a new person. That man who called off the wedding 6 months prior gave back my engagement ring. The day came to begin the next chapter of my life and 3 days after moving back with my fiance, I found out I was pregnant. God has quite funny timing. I continued going to meetings and working my program. But after my son was born, my program begins to waiver. I stopped going to meetings, stopped talking to other alcoholics, stopped working with others, and really just stopped talking to God. Because of this my road has had some big bumps and trenches since. I've been back to the place where I couldn't live with alcohol and I couldn't live without it. Thanks to Recovery Inn and the AA program I knew that I had to get back into the rooms of AA and start over.

Every day, I thank God for everything he has given, everything he has taken away, and everything that still remains. Had it not been for those nights cooking at Recovery Inn, the little spark may not have started which has now turned into an almost full time baking business. Had it not been for the management techniques I learned, I wouldn't have been an effective manager at my previous job and I know I wouldn't have the work ethics I do today in my current work. I never would have met some of my best friends, had I not lived at Recovery Inn. I am still very active in AA and I try to be there whenever another addict needs help. I haven't worked a perfect program and I am nowhere near perfect today. And that is OK with me. But my outsides and insides finally look similar. I don't have that weight on my shoulders or the lies haunting me, and I can finally look myself in the eyes in the mirror and like who I see. My son and my husband and I laugh a lot. I am grateful for Recovery Inn and the opportunities it gave me to begin to find myself and start a future I never thought could be possible."

Thank you


"I came to Recovery Inn after being in a six month treatment program for alcoholism and heroin addiction. I chose Recovery Inn because I needed a safe place to learn to live sober in the real world. It is not just a house but a home where I am held accountable for all my actions and encouraged to do the right thing. I would strongly suggest it to anyone who cannot stay sober on their own because the house, and especially the women, have helped me to be a sober woman. I never knew that was possible."


"I now have a strong fellowship of sober friends and roommates, a loving family and a relationship with God unknown to me before coming to Recovery Inn."


"The cleanlines and structure is what makes Recovery Inn unique and different than other sober living houses. By maintaining the property, the atmosphere is more calm. It enables residents to display pride in not only their recovery but also where they live."


"It is a place where I am surrounded by others with the same goal."


"My 18-year-old-son told me that he is proud of the responsibility I took in going through a recovery home and that's what kept me going."


Recovery Inn is certified through TROHN and meets national standards.
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